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Texas restaurant settles wage dispute

Texas waiters and waitresses work hard for their money. Many of them are conscientious about making sure that food orders are properly prepared, drinks are kept filled and their patrons are well taken care of. These same waiters and waitresses often work for a reduced minimum wage plus their tips. Thus, when something occurs that affects their tips, their livelihood is affected, and a wage dispute can erupt.

Could calling the fire department lead to a wrongful discharge?

When there is danger, it is part of the responsibility of an employee to report it in an attempt to eradicate the problem and keep everyone safe. If there are underlying issues, however, a Texas employer may not wish for that information to be disclosed. One way for a company to keep a whistleblower quiet would be to remove the employee through a possible wrongful discharge.

Employee claims false accusations led to a wrongful discharge

In the midst of a recession, it can be difficult for an employee to find work if he or she has been terminated. When workers lose their jobs, they don't want to lose it for something that they didn't do, especially when additional work may be very hard to find. It is possible for a Texas employer to find an illegal way to terminate an employee by accusing them of something that violates company policy. This is in violation of the law and may prompt an employee to file a claim for a wrongful discharge.

Could a workplace accommodation cause an employee to be fired?

Many employers realize when they hire workers who are disabled, that they may be required to make some changes to the work environment. By providing a reasonable accommodation to the disabled employee, he or she will be able to perform at his or her highest potential. This workplace accommodation is required under Texas law and is to be provided when requested. In some instances, however, an employer may not wish to pay for the necessary changes and may try to find a means to terminate the employee instead.

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