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When can you take an FMLA leave in Texas?

Striking a balance between work and home life is a hard task for many Texans. This becomes an even more important and difficult struggle when life throws a curveball--a happy experience such as a new child or a tough one such as a serious illness in the family, for example. In 1993, federal lawmakers recognized that American workers need time to themselves in such circumstances and enacted the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Texas Senate aims to tackle wage theft

Wage theft, unfortunately, continues to be a significant problem here in Texas. Wage theft is the occurrence of employers neglecting to pay proper wages to workers. This might be by failing to pay the minimum wage or legal overtime rate. It can also be paying workers less than promised or less than the amount owed. The University of Texas recently reported that 20 percent of construction workers are victims of wage theft as are 50 percent of contingent workers.

Cities aim to end employment discrimination against unemployed

As the jobs market continues to improve, many people who may have been out of work for some time here in Houston may finally find themselves actively seeking employment again. Unfortunately, it is often true that the longer a person is out of work, the harder it is for them to find a job. This is because some employers in Texas may discriminate against out-of-work job candidates.

Beaumont woman says employer tricked her into signing contract

Texas is an at-will employment state, as most states are. This means that in general both employers and employees can choose to end an employment relationship for any reason. Because this leaves the terms of employment very vague, many employers in the Houston area use employment contracts to further define employment relationships. Employees who are asked to sign contracts--such as non-competes, severance agreements and others--often benefit from having an attorney look over the contract first.

Texas man sues employer for race-based discrimination, harassment

Although workplace discrimination was outlawed in 1964 by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, it still unfortunately exists in a number of workplaces. Discrimination manifests itself in many ways in employment--in hiring, promotions, firing, and daily workplace interactions.

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