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October 2013 Archives

Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., Defeats Employer's Attempt to Force Arbitration

On October 24, 2013, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a federal district court's denial of an employer's motion to compel arbitration in a discrimination and retaliation case filed under Title VII and Section 1981 against Radio One of Texas II, LLC, a subsidiary of Radio One, Inc., one of the nation's largest radio broadcasting companies, in a federal district court in Houston, Texas. Warren & Siurek, L.L.P. argued, and the courts agreed, that an agreement to arbitrate contained within an employee handbook cannot be treated as a separate, stand alone contract. Consequently, if an employer retains the right to modify its employee handbook, an arbitration provision within that handbook is not an enforceable agreement. Under these circumstances, as in this case, an employee will retain the important right to have their dispute heard by a jury.

Harris Country man files workplace discrimination lawsuit

In an age with so many laws in place to protect the working class from being profiled against, it is difficult to believe these types of predicaments still take place. Nevertheless, there are still some instances in which workers are treated unfairly, often despite seemingly little to criticize in regard to their performance on the job. After nearly a decade working for Walgreen's, an African-American male in Harris County feels that he has been subjected to workplace discrimination after nearly a decade on the job.

Houston company accused of discrimination and harassment

Many employees exhibit dedication to their employer with the hope of ultimately retiring to live a relatively comfortable lifestyle. In some cases, however, unfortunate circumstances arise, and workers are forced to take extended leave. In a recent case, a Houston woman claims that she involuntarily resigned due to persistent discrimination and harassment after requesting medical leave for treatment of a tumor.

Misclassification of employees is common with Texas construction

In an economic landscape that has been devastated throughout "The Great Recession," workers are finding themselves in desperate situations that, as they say, call for desperate measures. As such, one might be willing to accept a position with a lesser compensation or benefits package simply because there are not many jobs to choose from. Unfortunately, Texas employers seem to be capitalizing off of this, as there seems to be an overwhelming prevalence of misclassification of employees.

Texas supermarket worker awareded damages in discrimination suit

Texas employees benefit from being aware of their rights when in a company's employ. Discrimination can take many forms, and, no matter how overt or covert, co-workers simply do not have the right to deliberately demoralize fellow employees. As the employee and acting supervisor of one large supermarket chain in Texas recently found out, verbal assault on an employee is not tolerated.

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