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Do the Texas and U.S. bans on disability discrimination apply to all employers?

Among the things that can impact whether an employee here in Texas would be able to take actions against their employer under the state and federal bans on workplace disability discrimination is whether their employer falls under the control of these bans. These bans apply to many, but not all, employers. The specifics of what employers are covered under the bans are contained in state and federal laws.

Survey: experiencing discrimination common in the U.S.

Being subjected to discrimination, in any environment, can be a harmful experience in many ways. For one, it could make a person more stressed. Researchers have indicated that discrimination, and even the anticipation of it, could lead to a person experiencing increased stress, which in turn could contribute to health difficulties.

Are noncompete agreements enforceable in Texas?

When an executive or other professional is starting on with a company, there are many different employment agreements they may be asked to sign. Sometimes, a noncompete agreement is among these contract documents. Noncompete agreements are agreements in which an employee agrees to certain restrictions on what sorts of employment they could take after their employment with their employer ends.

U.S. saw lots of disability discrimination claims last year

Disability discrimination in the workplace is illegal under federal law here in America, and has been for some time now. However, the problem of disability discrimination has not disappeared in the American workplace. On the contrary, as recent U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics underscore, it remains a major issue.

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