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Exotic dancer claims a night club did not pay her minimum wage

It is a common belief that people who work in nightclubs as exotic dancers make good wages. However, that is not always the case, and, behind the scenes, some of these woman in Texas and elsewhere are not being paid minimum wage. A woman in another state claims that is what happened to her, and she has filed a complaint to try to recover her lost wages.

Conductores de camiones tienen derecho a pago de horas extras

A través de una reciente investigación realizada por el Departamento de Labor, una empresa local ha acordado pagar sus conductores de camiones las horas extras debidas. El Departamento de Labor descubrió que los conductores de camiones se les pagaba por la carga, que puede ser ilegal. Los conductores de camiones se les pagaba una tarifa plana por carga o un porcentaje del valor de las cargas sin tener en cuenta las horas de trabajo, dejando a los trabajadores sin pago de horas extras. Las empresas transfirieron los conductores a pago por hora, pero no han compensado los conductores de camiones por sus salarios atrasados.

Man claims a wrongful discharge for refusing to compromise safety

People who work in dangerous jobs are especially careful about their safety. Texas workers who see something that is unsafe would be remiss not to report the condition to their supervisors. In most cases, reporting such a situation would be rewarded for promoting safety, but when companies want to cut corners and costs, the problem may be quieted by issuing a wrongful discharge to the reporting employees.

Truck Drivers May Be Entitled To Overtime Pay

A Houston area company was forced to pay its truck drivers back overtime wages in response to an investigation conducted by the Department of Labor. Unfortunately, many employers pay their truck drivers a predetermined amount for each load hauled or a percentage of each load's value without taking into consideration the number of hours worked by the drivers. However, these types of payment schemes may violate the overtime law if the employer does not regularly transport goods across state lines. As a result, many truck drivers may be owed unpaid overtime compensation. If you are a truck driver, or were in the recent years, who was paid by the load and worked more than forty hours in a workweek, you should contact an attorney to determine whether or not you may be owed unpaid overtime wages.

Woman alleges a wrongful discharge after enduring discrimination

Being a part of the workforce means that employees will be surrounded by different types of people. However, differences do not give anyone the right to pass judgment and make his or her co-workers uncomfortable. When such a situation arises, the victim has the right to report the situation. Instead of handling the situation, some companies in Texas and elsewhere may choose to give a wrongful discharge to the person complaining.

Aumento de Demandas de horas extras

Con la caida de las precios del petróleo y los despidos resultantes en el sector de la energia, los abogados de salario y horas anticipan un aumento dramatico en los pleitos de horas extras. Cuando la industria petrolera estaba en auge, las empresas centraban sus esfuerzos en el reclutamiento para mantenerse al dia con la demanda de trabajadores. Aunque las practicas de compensación no cumplen con la ley de salarios y horas, los empleados ganaban buenos salarios y no se quejaban. Ahora, estos esquemas de pago ilegal estan siendo sometidos a un escrutinio a medida que mas y mas trabajadores despedidos consultan con abogados.

Restaurant workers unpaid overtime hours result in $600k payout

Every hour that an employee works counts, especially when the economy is in a downturn. Most employees in Texas and elsewhere expect to be paid at least the state minimum wage for the hours that they work and to be paid overtime hours when applicable. Those who believe that they are not being paid properly can look to the law to be reimbursed for the money that they believe they are owed.

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