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October 2014 Archives

Chipotle employee alleges he was forced to work off-the-clock

In many businesses, working overtime may become necessary. Employees who are working those additional hours must be compensated according to federal and state labor laws. Texas workers who are illegally told to work off-the-clock and are not given the payment they have earned may fight back against their employer in an attempt to reclaim their lost wages.

Teacher fired for not working on Saturdays claims discrimination

People who have religious values may have a day in their week that is considered sacred. Typically on those days, the person does not work and uses the day for rest or worship. Many workplaces require employees to work on the weekends as a requirement, but those who mention their restrictions in advance and are still hired believe that the company will hold true to what was promised. Texas employees who lose their jobs because they are unable to work on a worship day may believe they are the victim of religious discrimination.

Discrimination filed after hijab worn to Abercrombie interview

Employers have to make tough choices when they are selecting applicants. Weeding out employees should be based upon whether the person is a good fit for the company and can perform the essential functions of the job. Sadly, there are still some Texas employers that make their choices based upon a person's protected status, which can lead the applicant to file a discrimination claim.

Woman accuses wrongful discharge after workers' comp claim

Unfortunately, despite safety protocols, accidents still occur in the workplace. Employees who are injured on the job may wish to file a workers' compensation claim for their injuries. This allows a Texas worker to receive a form of payment while he or she recovers. However, an employer may choose to illegally terminate an employee after he or she makes such a claim, which could result in a wrongful discharge lawsuit.

Man claims discrimination after unfair treatment and race remarks

A former employee of the Klein School District claims that the reason he lost his job was because of the color of his skin. The black employee had worked for his Texas employer since 1990 and started there as a grounds crewman. Six years later, he was promoted to an HVAC technician. During his tenure, and up until 2013, he claimed that he never had any negative complaints or poor performance reviews from his superiors. After standing up for alleged unfair treatment in the workplace, he became the victim of racial discrimination.

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