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Pay inequality in the workplace: what do the statistics suggest?

Most women would likely attest that they work at least as hard as men do to achieve their occupational position. And despite the hours of study, financial loans and sacrifice that you dedicated to your profession, you still might not receive equal pay for performing the same work duties as a man in your role.

Should you accept a lump-sum pension buyout?

Would you rather have monthly income through the rest of your life or a big check now that you can use and invest for yourself? If you haven’t already had to face this question, a recent decision from the Treasury Department has increased the chances you’ll face it later.

Texas congressman pushes for better pay for border patrol agents

The Border Patrol Pay Security Act of 2019, introduced by Rep. Henry Cuellar from the 28th Congressional district of Texas, would improve pay for agents working for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. If approved, H.R. 2335 would allow border agents to regain access to overtime compensation as was previously called for within the Fair Labor Standards Act. By reinstating overtime pay for specific duties, the act would align pay for border agents with the compensation earned by other federal law enforcement agents.

Disabled worker settles EEOC discrimination lawsuit

Federal law prohibits employers in Texas and around the country from discriminating against workers based on disability, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the federal agency tasked with holding companies responsible when this law is violated. A case dealing with these issues involved a woman employed as a server at a Florida restaurant who was fired in 2016 after suffering a series of seizures while on the job.

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