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Mayor's diverse workforce causes a workplace discrimination claim

Having diversity in the workplace is beneficial to companies in Texas and elsewhere. The problem comes when attempting to achieve this status involves discriminating against other employees who are denied promotions and other benefits because of any protected status. A group of police officers in another state filed a case in a federal court against their mayor and the city alleging workplace discrimination.

K-9 handlers sue county for unpaid overtime hours caring for dogs

Texas readers may be aware of the use of K-9 dogs in the police department to help officers with searches and locating evidence at crime scenes. Not just anyone can handle these police dogs, and they require special training and treatment by certified handlers. When officers are done for the day, these dogs still have needs that must be met. A group of canine handlers from another state have filed a federal lawsuit against the county sheriff, his office and the county commission for overtime hours that they feel they deserve.

A resignation later leads to a workplace discrimination claim

To keep things light, many Texas workers will have fun and share jokes with their supervisors. When these jokes are taken seriously and used as a pretext to get employees fired, things are not quite so funny anymore. A woman from another state has filed a workplace discrimination claim in a circuit court alleging that she lost her job unjustly and was replaced with someone younger.

Woman claims she felt forced to resign due to discrimination

All employees are entitled to a work environment that is free from hostility and mistreatment. Texas employees who feel that they have received dissimilar treatment may be entitled to file a discrimination claim. A woman working for a hotel in Longview alleges that she was victim of discrimination based on her protected status characteristics.

Ex bakery employee files discrimination claim over racial slurs

Most Texas employees know how to conduct themselves in the workplace and maintain a work environment of respect. However, when workers use racial slurs and other foul language against one another and the situation is not rectified, the offended parties may look to the law to remedy their situations. Recently an employee from a cupcake shop in another state claims that he lost his job after reporting what he thought to be discrimination among the workers.

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