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Texas worker seeks compensation for race discrimination

A man who says he was fired for racially motivated reasons after attempting to implement safety policies has taken his former employers to court, according to legal news. The Texas man filed suit on Oct. 7 against his former employers, who have not been identified in court documents. He claims race discrimination played a role in his dismissal.

Former Texas University coach alleges workplace discrimination

In an academic setting, professors and administrators are generally expected not to fraternize on an intimate level with those who are their subordinates. However, at one Texas university, such relationships -- though frowned upon -- were not reason for discharge. This is part of the reason that the school's former track coach is alleging workplace discrimination in a lawsuit against her previous employer. She feels that she was the target of the workplace discrimination because of her gender and her race.

Texas car wash violates minimum wage laws, workers win case

When employees are not properly compensated for the time they spend on a job, a serious legal issue can result. Not meeting minimum wage and other violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act can cause workers to face significant setbacks, and if the situation is not resolved, legal action may need to be taken. Three workers at a car wash in Texas took action against their employer for such reasons and faced a successful outcome.

Harris County resident files workplace discrimination suit

It is important that Texas workers understand their rights. In particular, if someone feels uncomfortable or unsafe in their workplace due to negative, potentially hurtful acts by fellow workers, it is important to reach out for help. This can be easier said than done, though, as these types of claims can be met with resistance or simply ignored by employers. In some cases, there can even be retaliation by co-workers, which only leads to more harassment or possibly workplace discrimination.

Texas teacher accuses Islamic school of discrimination

America has long prided itself for its diversity, with people of various backgrounds and religions able to freely practice its beliefs. With global infrastructure facilitating this diversity even further, specialized schools in which people can immerse themselves in their beliefs and thrive in their respective environments have cropped up as a result. One American-born, Texas teacher found out the hard way that one can still be subjected to discrimination even when among others with common beliefs.

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