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Starting on at a new job

Getting a new job can be a very exciting experience, including for executives and professionals. It is important to remember though that the time period when one is starting on with a new employer is not only one that can be exhilarating, but also one that is quite impactful. What a person does during this time could have significant impacts on key things such as their financial future and how the new job ends up going for them.

Reasonable accommodation requests and older disabled workers

Among the rights federal law gives individuals with disabilities is the right to reasonable accommodations in their workplace. One would hope that disabled workers would always feel free to request reasonable accommodations when the need for such accommodations arises for them in connection to their work. Sadly, however, things can sometimes arise that can make workers afraid to make such requests.

Family care-giving and potential discrimination by employers

One of the big roles a person can have in relation to their family is the role of caregiver. Examples of important care-giving-connected activities a person can end up engaging in in relation to their family include activities related to:

Helping workers with claims under ERISA-covered disability plans

Developing a significant disability can have major ramifications within a person’s life. A worker going through this experience can have many worries about their financial future and questions about what things they could/should be doing to try to protect it.

Workplace discrimination could negatively impact Houston area

It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination occurs in many areas across the country. As a result, individuals could be negatively affected due to facing such treatment. Houston area residents may be interested in a case of workplace discrimination taking place in another state that has led to multiple individuals being out of work.

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