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Texas employee claims retaliation after her harassment complaint

A customer service manager has filed a suit against the Kroger Texas store chain in which she claims she was the victim of retaliation. The suit claims that a co-worker at the Kroger Northwest Houston location had made unwanted and aggressive sexual advances. When she complained to management about the co-worker's harassment, she was told that all she could do to remedy the situation would be to transfer to another store location.

Texas college wage dispute turns into a painful waiting game

In what has become a costly and painful situation for a group of former employees of a Texas college, the waiting is entering its second year. In a wage dispute between the college and several former employees, differences in the amounts owed vary by degrees of up to 10-to-one. The former employees claim that the counter-offers coming from the college are far below the amounts actually owed to them.

Whistleblower settlement paid to Department of Labor employee

A recordkeeping official received a hefty settlement from an organization not usually involved in the pay-out side of employment disputes. The employee, who challenged his removal as a retaliation for his having acted as a whistleblower, received $820,000 from the Department of Labor, an agency which is usually found working on the side of a wronged employee rather than being accused of wrongdoing. The settlement otherwise has all of the other characteristics of similar claims that have been filed in Texas and elsewhere.

Contract workers: A possible misclassification of employees?

It has been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This could be an appropriate statement in the case of some employers who are attempting to avoid a misclassification of employees issue by claiming that workers were hired as contract workers. The minimum wage laws were passed over 75 years ago, but some employers in Texas and elsewhere are resorting to a new angle to avoid complying with them.

Texas whistleblower wins settlement for wrongful discharge

A Texas man who worked for the Port Arthur Housing Authority recently received a pre-trial settlement as a result of his wrongful discharge suit. The suit was filed in response to his termination and claimed that the wrongful discharge was in retaliation for having acted as a whistleblower. The man, whose position was that of director of property services for the 10 years prior to his termination, had made accusations of wrongdoing within the Housing Authority to the Office of Inspector General.

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