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Trabajando desde casa después de horas

Los cambios de horas extraordinarias propuestas a la Ley de Normas Razonables de Trabajo calificarían aproximadamente 5 millones de empleados bajo el título de gerentes o de administración que son compensados por un salario añal, les daria la oportunidad de ser compensados ​​por su tiempo extra. Las empresas están empezando hacer cambios en sus políticas antes del cambio de la regla prevista. Por ejemplo, las horas extras se compone de cualquier trabajo realizado después de las cuarenta horas a la semana, incluyendo el tiempo tomado en leer y responder a mensajes de correo electrónico o responder llamadas telefónicas. Como resultado de ello, algunas compañías planean apagar servidores de correo electrónico o imponer políticas estrictas que prohíben hacer trabajo desde casa.

After Hours Work From Home

The proposed overtime changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act will qualify about 5 million employees under the title of managers or with administrators' duties who are on salary to be compensated for their overtime. Companies are beginning to make changes to their policies in advance of the anticipated rule change. For example, overtime consists of any work done after the standard forty hours a week, including time spent reading and responding to emails or answering phone calls after hours. As a result, some companies plan to turn off email servers or impose strict policies forbidding after hours work.

Woman says her relationship led to workplace discrimination

The personal lives of Texas employees should not affect their professional lives. A former long-time employee of AT&T claims that her superiors had problems with her interracial relationship and took it out on her at work. She is suing the company for workplace discrimination in an attempt to seek justice.

Glass company accused of Fair Labor Standards Act violations

As one glass and window company outside of Texas discovered, there are consequences when a company classifies its workers as independent contractors instead of classifying them as employees. The U.S. Labor Department filed a complaint against the company in a federal court, accusing it of misclassifying the window installers and violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. Even the company's workers that were labeled as employees had issues and alleged that they did not always have their overtime pay paid at the correct rate.

Departamento de Labor Demanda Compañía de Restaurante por Violaciónes de Propinas

La ley federal permite a los empleadores a reclamar un crédito de $5.12 por hora por empleados que reciben propinas. Sin embargo, la disposición debe cumplir con las directrices estrictas establecidas por el Departamento de Labor ("DOL"). Si el arreglo no cumple con los criterios del Departamento, la propina total de los empleados puede considerarse inválida y los empleados entonces se adeudarían por su salario mínimo.

Woman claims she faced discrimination based on race and origin

Workers in Texas and across the United States should never be discriminated against based on any of their legally protected status characteristics. Unfortunately, that does not seem to deter businesses from trying to get away with doing it. A woman who worked for a food retailer in another state alleges that she, as well as other workers, were subjected to discrimination because of their race and national origins.

Department of Labor Sues Restaurant Company for Tip Pool Violations

Federal law allows employers to claim a credit of $5.12 per hour for tipped employees. However, the arrangement must meet the strict guidelines set by the Department of Labor ("DOL"). If the arrangement does not meet all of the DOL's criteria, the tip pool can be deemed invalid and employees would then be owed for their unpaid minimum wages.

Female workers accuse Allsup's of pregnancy discrimination

Before female employees in Texas and elsewhere are ready to bring new babies into the world, many want to continue to work for as long as possible. Although most are able to continue working, reasonable accommodations may be necessary, so the women can do their jobs without endangering their unborn babies. Businesses that engage in unlawful conduct, including pregnancy discrimination and the denial of reasonable accommodations, should be held accountable under the law.

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