Harris Country man files workplace discrimination lawsuit

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In an age with so many laws in place to protect the working class from being profiled against, it is difficult to believe these types of predicaments still take place. Nevertheless, there are still some instances in which workers are treated unfairly, often despite seemingly little to criticize in regard to their performance on the job. After nearly a decade working for Walgreen’s, an African-American male in Harris County feels that he has been subjected to workplace discrimination after nearly a decade on the job.

Hired in 2004, the man filed suit on his employer in September, alleging that his race was a determining factor in his recent termination. Some of the claims include being limited from advancement opportunities, openings and promotions. In addition, the plaintiff asserts that he was exposed to a hostile work environment, making it practically impossible for him to perform effectively on the job.

The suit also alleges that Walgreen’s has a history of treating minority workers unfairly. The plaintiff specifically cites a company-wide tendency of profiling against African-American employees. Further, the company is supposedly inclined to offer better employment opportunities to non-minority workers, while also offering them superior work assignments and a better working environment.

As of Oct. 17, 2013, the lawsuit was placed in the hands of the federal court. While it is highly likely that Walgreen’s will fiercely defend the allegations due to the potential damage to the company’s reputation, the plaintiff feels strongly about his chances of winning the case. He has petitioned to have a jury trial, and, if the accusations are proven to be true, the former employee of the Harris County Walgreen’s may be awarded compensatory damages for workplace discrimination as well as back pay and could possibly be reinstated to his former position.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Harris Co. man alleges Walgreens fired him because of race, John Suayan, Oct. 19, 2013


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