Texas worker seeks compensation for race discrimination

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A man who says he was fired for racially motivated reasons after attempting to implement safety policies has taken his former employers to court, according to legal news. The Texas man filed suit on Oct. 7 against his former employers, who have not been identified in court documents. He claims race discrimination played a role in his dismissal.

According to the affidavit, the man was originally retained as a machinist but was later promoted to be responsible for quality and safety for the company. He says he attempted to update the company’s lacking safety protocols, but after the changes were implemented, he was faced with a hostile work environment. Among his complaints is the assertion that he was subjected to name-calling of a racial bent. He was terminated from his position in May of this year.

The man is seeking compensation for a variety of injuries, including front and back pay, medical expenses and loss of benefits. The total he is seeking in court is not mentioned in the documents. The case is being overseen by the Eastern District of Texas court, and more court dates are forthcoming.

It is a sad realization that race discrimination still exists in Texas in modern society, but it can be readily agreed upon that such discrimination belongs in the past. In order to curb racially-motivated discrimination in workplaces, it is to everyone’s benefit that anyone who feels they have been discriminated against based on the color of their skin or their ethnic background to seek support and understanding of their rights under state law. Discrimination of this type should not be tolerated in any workplace.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Worker files racial discrimination lawsuit against Arlington company, Michelle Keahey, Nov. 25, 2013


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