Discrimination claim filed against a co-worker and employer

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Every worker in the workplace should be valued regardless of the color of his or her skin, ethnicity, gender or any other discriminating factor. If an employee is doing his or her job effectively, there is no reason to treat him or her any differently. There can be instances when a company may make the decision to discriminate against another employee and subject them to an uncomfortable work environment. Those Texas employees have the right to speak out against their employer for treating them unfairly and file a discrimination claim.

A former Texas Gas Services employee filed a claim against her employer for discrimination. In her lawsuit, she claims that she was hired by a man who was formerly a supervisor with the company. The former supervisor reportedly heard that another worker was improperly allocating company funds. The suit claims that when he tried to voice his opinion on the situation, he ended up losing his job instead. Apparently, the other worker had some sway with the company to cause the man to be terminated.

According to her lawsuit, the person responsible for circumnavigating the funds is trying to get associates who were on a friendly basis with the supervisor to leave the company. She claims that one person has already been removed and now she is the only person that remains. The man and those in his company were allegedly forcing the woman to work under hostile conditions.

The woman has filed a discrimination claim against her co-worker and the company. She also alleges that the company violated the Texas Labor code. If her claim is successful, she may be awarded the damages that she is seeking for the wrongs allegedly committed against her.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Texas Gas Service named in racial discrimination lawsuit, Thomas Kallies, March 13, 2014


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