Teacher fired for not working on Saturdays claims discrimination

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People who have religious values may have a day in their week that is considered sacred. Typically on those days, the person does not work and uses the day for rest or worship. Many workplaces require employees to work on the weekends as a requirement, but those who mention their restrictions in advance and are still hired believe that the company will hold true to what was promised. Texas employees who lose their jobs because they are unable to work on a worship day may believe they are the victim of religious discrimination.

A former college recruiter is accusing the school of firing her because of her religious practices. Prior to being hired, the plaintiff told the school that she observed Saturdays as a Sabbath day and was unable to work. In her faith, she claims that observing the Seventh-day Sabbath was an important part of her belief.

She was hired on by the college despite her restrictions, but the college still scheduled her on Saturdays. The plaintiff refused to work on Saturday but did offer to work recruiting events on Sundays instead. She was later fired from her position.

The former recruiter filed a claim against the Texas college for religious discrimination and retaliation. She believes that the reason that she was fired was because she refused to work on Saturdays. Employees who feel that they are the victim of any type of discrimination may choose to file a complaint against their employer. If the court rules in favor of the employee, he or she may be reinstated as well as other financial relief recognized by applicable laws.

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