Adult entertainment workers win over $300,000 in a wage dispute

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A group of employees who worked for a number of adult entertainment establishments in Texas are finally going to be receiving the wages they were denied. The clubs’ owner denied the wage dispute allegations and claimed that the class of employees in question were exempt from sections of the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to the outcome of the lawsuit, the employees were actually non-exempt.

According to the complaint, a group of workers that included bartenders, disc jockeys and waitresses were not paid appropriately. Allegedly, they were not paid overtime or given minimum wage. Employees who earn tips are to be paid $2.13 per hour or higher, according to federal minimum wage laws. Additionally, one of the employees who worked as a disc jockey and a one-time manager at one of the Texas clubs alleges that employee time-keeping records were not kept in good faith.

The employees won their case and the clubs are required to pay $318,379 to the affected workers. The 21 employees who were part of the case will each be given between $2,312 and $27,565 for their parts of the damages. As part of the judgment, the clubs are also paying $120,051 in court costs and legal fees.

Workers in Texas who find themselves in a wage dispute may first wish to try to correct the situation by speaking with their employers. If agreeable solutions are not reached, employees may choose to pursue legal action. In successfully navigated claims, workers may receive their unpaid wages and any other monetary damages as determined by the individual circumstances of the case.

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