Former firefighter finds justice for her sexual harassment claim

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All employees are expected to conduct themselves in professional manners, but that is not always the case. Texas workers deserve to work in comfortable environments without worrying about inappropriate or lewd comments. Many fear reporting this type of sexual harassment behavior for fear of losing their jobs or other forms of retaliation, and they try to deal with the situations as best they can. Others refuse to tolerate a hostile workplace and choose to take a stand.

A woman who worked as a firefighter is finally receiving some justice after the sexual harassment she claims she suffered at the hands of one of her superiors. According to her complaint, she was in a conversation with the assistant chief who made lewd comments when she was about to take a fitness test. She alleges he made references to her genitalia.

She claims that in another discussion she overheard the assistant chief making derogatory comments about women in which he repeated a statement multiple times to make sure that she heard. After applying to be a full member of the fire department and being denied, she wrote letters to the top ranking officials explaining the sexual harassment to which she was being subjected. The chief assistant knew about the letters and made comments referencing her with foul language. This prompted her to write another letter to the district, which included the previous comments.

Not long after the plaintiff wrote the letter, she claims she was terminated. She believes the reason for her firing was an act of retaliation because she had written the letters exposing the sexual harassment. The court agreed with her case, and she was awarded $50,000 for her lawsuit. Based upon evidence of harassment, Texas workers who file claims against their employers may be awarded financial redress, as well as any other relief deemed just by a civil court.

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