Elderly worker accuses casino of workplace discrimination

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Older workers should not be treated differently than their younger counterparts in accordance with the law. Texas companies who do so are in violation and could have workplace discrimination claims filed against them. A former table games dealer in another state alleges that he lost his job just so that the company could hire someone younger to replace him.

The plaintiff — who at the time was 63 years old — worked for a casino in another state for approximately four years. Throughout his employment he claims that he only received positive performance reviews. He alleges that the older employees were placed under stricter guidelines than everyone else. Furthermore, when the older workers did require discipline, what they purportedly received was more severe than the infraction would generally warrant.

When the plaintiff wanted to get more training, he was surprised that he was not given the same opportunity that was afforded to the younger workers. He asserts that his managers would use derogatory terms to speak to him referencing his age. The plaintiff claims that when he slept in and missed his shift he was unexpectedly fired. Other employees who had done the same thing allegedly were not fired and some did not receive any type of discipline at all.

The plaintiff was called into a meeting to tell him he was fired, but the casino had purportedly told the EEOC that he had quit. After his termination, he was apparently replaced with a younger employee. Aggrieved Texas workers who feel they have been subjected to discrimination based upon a legally protected status have the right to pursue legal recourse through the civil court system.

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