Resolving employment disputes in Texas

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Texas workers often sign employment contracts that are complex and difficult to understand. Employment disputes sometimes arise when a worker believes that he or she has suffered from a hostile work environment or has faced some other legal issue that has impeded his or her ability to be productive in the workplace. Some situations necessitate legal intervention.

Warren & Siurek, L.L.P., will thoroughly investigate your claim and remain by your side throughout the legal process. Whether your situation involves compensation issues, non-compete clauses or a wage-and-hour dispute, we can help you seek a long-lasting resolution that coincides with your employment goals. We have a successful reputation for aggressive advocacy that is offered to each of our clients as we help them navigate the legal system.

When an employee is wrongfully terminated or is struggling to obtain unpaid bonuses and incentives, it can create a lot of stress and frustration. Your employer is obligated to provide a workplace environment that is conducive to progress on the job and allows you to reach your full potential as an employee. Discrimination in the workplace, unpaid commissions and denied claims for compensation benefits can act as severe impediments that keep a worker from achieving his or her business goals.

At Warren and Siurek, L.L.P., our staff includes members who are fluent in Spanish, which allows us assist those clients for whom language is a barrier. Our Texas law office can be reached by dialing our toll-free number or accessing our contact form online. Scheduling an appointment is the first step in finding resolutions to your employment disputes>.


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