Restaurant accused of using child labor and denying overtime pay

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One of the biggest expenses to any business can be payroll. In order to lower payroll costs, some businesses may engage in wage theft or other unscrupulous activities hoping to get away with it. The Meers Store and Restaurant located outside of Texas is being accused of some shocking claims, including denying workers overtime pay and using child labor at the restaurant.

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a complaint against Meers for violations as far back as 2012. Meers allegedly did not record some of its employee payroll costs to avoid taxes and even paid workers below the federal minimum wage. When some of the workers should have been getting paid overtime, they allegedly did not receive it.

Meers is also accused of violating child labor laws. According to the complaint, children were being used to work in the restaurant to clear tables in place of paying employees. Some of the children were allegedly only 10 years old.

Meers could owe over $181,000 for the overtime pay and other unpaid wages, but the restaurant owners claim they have done nothing wrong. It is in a Texas employee’s best interest to know what he or she should be paid and especially note hours that should be paid at an overtime rate. If an individual is not being paid correctly or asked to accept payment off the books, he or she would benefit from consulting with an employment law attorney to consider pursuing any viable claims. In successfully navigated cases, the individual may receive the money to which he or she claims to be entitled as well as any other redress deemed just by the court.


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