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How employers illegally discriminate against immigrant workers

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Blog |

As an immigrant in Texas, you are a valuable member of the state. Texas has a large immigrant population that boosts the economy and contributes to the community. However, despite your value and hard work, some people may discriminate against you. You might even encounter discrimination and hostility at your workplace.

If you experience any type of discrimination that creates an offense and intimidating work environment, you must know your rights. Keep reading to learn about your protections according to the Texas Workforce Commission and examples of illegal discrimination.

National origin harassment

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you because of your national origin. Ethnic slurs are an example of this behavior. Comments such as “Go back to your country,” whether made by co-workers or supervisors, may be potentially unlawful conduct.

English-only rules

Employers may only establish English-only rules in narrowly defined circumstances. An employer must prove it is absolutely necessary for conducting business and be clear when speaking English is necessary. Every employee must also know the consequences for violating the rule. These circumstances are very rare. If your employer is trying to make everyone speak English at all times, including lunch breaks, you may be facing illegal discrimination.

Discrimination for your accent

You cannot be treated differently for your manner of speaking unless it directly interferes with your ability to do your job. If your accent does not affect your ability to communicate clearly and be understood, you cannot be discriminated against.

These are only a few examples of illegal discrimination in the workplace. As an immigrant, you deserve to work in peace without harassment or negative action taken against you. For example, your employer cannot pay you less because of your national origin. If you are working in a hostile and offensive environment, you should talk to an employment law attorney to determine whether you should file a lawsuit.


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