Age discrimination and tech careers

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People living in Houston understand the importance of making good career decisions. Workers who are seeking a new job or hoping to advance within their current company usually expect that they will be considered for the position based on their skills, qualifications and past job performance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Age discrimination is a reality for many employees. On a federal level, individuals age 40 and older qualify as a protected class under anti-discrimination laws. Discrimination based on age can take the form of refusing to hire or promote qualified employees who are older or creating a hostile work environment for members of this age group.

A recent study indicated that age discrimination may indeed exist within the tech industry. While tech is generally considered to be a good industry for both salary and advancement potential, the study showed that the average age of employees in many 82-percent tech companies is 40 and younger. About 46 percent indicated that the average age at their workplace was 35 and younger.

Older workers also reported concerns about losing their job due to age discrimination. In addition, some respondents also indicated that they felt that their opinions were disregarded due to being older, though the survey also noted that younger workers often felt that their opinions were likewise dismissed due to age.

Individuals who are concerned about workplace discrimination may be able to take action. One option is to speak with an experienced attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client situation and make recommendations regarding possible strategies including reporting discrimination to government agencies as well as seeking compensation for lost wages and missed career opportunities.


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