Which industries have significant gender pay gaps in Texas?

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While it is illegal to pay employees different wages based on their gender, we are still far from pay equity. The Dallas Business Journal has examined the pay disparity between women and men in Texas, and found that some industries have a significantly greater pay gap than others.


Women working in the finance industry earn significantly less than men earn. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research states that the wage gap for financial managers is especially wide, with women earning only 63.6% of the amount that men earn nationwide and less than 60% in the state of Texas.

Administrative services

Businesses rely on administrative services managers or office managers to keep their company’s day-to-day work going. From coordinating mail and office supplies to planning budgets, their work is essential in many industries. However, nationwide women only earn 84% of what men earn in these positions.

Legal occupations

People working in legal occupations help clients that range from individuals to large corporations, but women working as lawyers earn only 76% of what men earn.


Despite the importance of every man and woman in the healthcare industry, women are paid significantly less for their work. The severity of this pay gap depends on the position, with women physicians and surgeons earning only 71% of what men earn but women registered nurses earning 92% of what men earn. However, this pay disparity is common throughout the healthcare industry.

If you have been the victim of wage discrimination because of your gender, speak to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you fight back against this illegal discrimination and fight for the pay you are due for your dedicated work.


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