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Helping workers with claims under ERISA-covered disability plans

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | ERISA |

Developing a significant disability can have major ramifications within a person’s life. A worker going through this experience can have many worries about their financial future and questions about what things they could/should be doing to try to protect it.

What legal options a worker who has suffered a disability has depends on a variety of things, including what their long-term disability coverage situation is. One type of disability coverage some workers have is coverage under an Employee-Retirement-Income-Security-Act-covered long-term disability plan provided by their employer.

So, one of the things the period following developing a disabling condition can involve for a worker is submitting a claim for benefits under an employer-provided ERISA-covered plan.

The benefits a worker can be entitled to under such a plan can be a big financial help when dealing with the many changes a disability can bring about in one’s life.

It is important to note though that making a claim for such benefits can touch on some complex issues. For one, the terms and conditions of such plans can be quite complicated. Also, federal law puts a variety of special rules on disability plans that fall under ERISA’s coverage.

Worker claims for long-term-disability benefits under an ERISA-protected plan provided by their employer can also run into roadblocks, such as a claim meeting resistance or being denied.

These are among the reasons why it can be wise to have strong and knowledgeable legal support when making a claim in relation to a long-term disability plan covered by ERISA.

Our firm has considerable knowledge of the various rules related to ERISA and extensive experience with legal matters connected to ERISA plan claims. We can provide workers who have an employer-provided long-term disability plan who have developed a disability with guidance throughout the process of bringing a benefits claim under their plan.


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